The other day, I made a post about the activity in the LinkedIn LabWare LIMS Professionals group: then followed it up by creating some product tips:

As a continuation to that discussion, I do realize a couple of things:
1. If we can’t get participation, this will die.
2. Experts are the people who have the hardest time getting answers to their questions. If this can be a place for experts to get yet more help, this can be the thing that makes this a truly useful tool.

With all this in-mind, I’d made a few LabWare product tips, last week, but realized that they were all tips the experts wouldn’t care about. They were all things useful to someone new to the system, but probably not helpful for people who had used the system for any amount of time. Over the weekend, I thought of a few tips for trickier problems. They’re things that happen less often and many people don’t know why they happen, to begin with. Until you’ve learned this for the first time, you remain puzzled. Thus, I’m making tips based on things I’d learned and willing to pass along. Today, I made a post based on those problems you have that might or might not be sporadic, might only be in the product system, and can’t seem to be seen in the debugger. Later in the week, I will make a post or two about those pesky “Do you want to save?” questions that come up when you don’t think you’ve changed anything.

I am hoping:
1. Other experts will comment if I’ve left anything out.
2. Other experts will give their own tips.
3. We’ll create enough traffic to help each other in a more public way so that everyone sees the answers (now, I contact a buddy or they contact me and no-one else sees it).
4. Those who aren’t experts will learn and we’re certainly happy for the tips they share, too.

One More Thought
In the past, I’ve shared my frustration that we all ask the same questions but, since the information is passed between two people, it doesn’t become something that the majority know but must each ask, individually. Thus, I begun writing articles and blogging as a way to share information on questions that I saw coming up over-and-over again in our industry. This is my latest effort to get us sharing information but, this time, it’s specific to a product because I’m tired of running into the same problems and questions from project-to-project. Thus, instead of complaining, this is my effort to do something about it.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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