My time at the University of Michigan is over and I posted that change in LinkedIn as soon as I returned home from my final day at work. An unusually large number of people who were interested-enough to suddenly look at my profile (lots more than usually would look at my updates). Hopefully, that will lead to one type of great opportunity or another.

It’s Yet Another Change
In some sense, it makes my life easier. There are lots of restrictions when you work for massive companies like that. On the other hand, and this might surprise you, but most of the restrictions I actually didn’t mind. On the other hand, and going back to my last permanent job, it wasn’t like the old days where you had someone to have lunch with or colleagues to talk to. However, it wasn’t that far away from home (but lots of railroad tracks and bumps to damage the bottom of my car, which I seemed to forever have in the shop), I had few complaints about the corporate laptop, and we got LOTS of free food and SWAG*. I was surprised how easily I worked myself right back into the structure and routine of it all.

On the other hand, we’ve all heard the phrase that you’re never more alone than when you’re in a crowd and that’s sure true. One thing I will admit to is that, despite the fact that I’m one of those technical people who isn’t really that into having lots of “people time,” plus the fact that I spend most of my consulting time working alone at my desk, I found that being so disconnected from other people to work with yet having them all around me collaborating, talking and being friendly with each other – it was really a strain and not what I’d envisioned having a job would be like. Many of you will write to me to tell me that I was overly-optimistic, and I now know that, but it was still a hard lesson to learn.

In any case, whenever you move on and whatever the reasons, there are sometimes things you don’t get a chance to do that you regret. Most were on the small side. However, there is one major regret: I had finally signed-up for an on-line course with the University on health analytics and this is really a great story, which I will tell in the next blog post, because it’s such a cool idea that I have to share it with all of you who might be interested.

* SWAG stands for Silver, Wine, Art and Gold. However, it’s come to mean free giveaways such as the mugs and t-shirts we get from conferences we attend.

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