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Last Night’s Northeast Ohio Laboratory Informatics Meeting

May 20, 2010

Well, here’s a lesson to everyone who want to start a local group – you have to learn about the area you’re creating a group in.

First of all, I would have called this something like the “Greater Cleveland Area” group, but it turns out people around here only know the area as the “Northeast Ohio” area, or they then think it only means the City of Cleveland.

In any case, the other lesson is that you have to meet your group and learn about them. This group wants to start small and grow, one-by-one. We had a smaller number to start, drank beer, and ate the wings and ribs specials, and talked about a variety of things from LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) to HIMS (Health Information Management Systems) to the problems with our informatics world, along with listing all the local wineries everyone should try, talked about the local area’s issues with informatics, and any other number of topics. We heavily combined the social with the informatics discussions, and the conversation flowed quite easily and fluidly in both directions.

We plan to meet, monthly, as we did share some good information on various topics and also enjoyed ourselves. We welcome more people, but are not currently taking on the burden of marketing and trying to make the group grow. Instead, we will let it grow in an organic manner, but continue to enjoy the topics and assistance that we can all provide to each other.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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