Three+ Elements for Codes of Conduct

Recently, Stack Overflow sent out information on its new Code of Conduct. Being a volunteer community, if people cause problems, they can’t fire the person but one form of redress is to kick the person out of the group. One method with which to make that fair is to make it clear what is and isn’t acceptable. Thus, a code of conduct is a good tool to put into place.

Summer is a Time for the Music of Our Industry

You might think you’re reading the wrong blog with “music” in the title but bear with me. First off, I do post what I think of as a “fun” post, every once in a while, usually in the summertime, when most of the project teams are off on vacation. Today, I want to talk about the music of our industry.

Challenges in Interfacing

In this day and age, you would think that every system would have been interfaced with every other type of system. That’s probably true. But it’s NOT true that every individual system has been interfaced with every other individual system and that’s where most of the challenges are.

CV Magazine 2018 Corporate Excellence Award

GeoMetrick Enterprises has just received the CV (Corporate Vision) Magazine 2018 Corporate Excellence Award: Most Reputable LIMS Implementation Consultancy 2018 – Michigan Gloria Metrick GeoMetrick Enterprises

Moving to Iowa and How Times Change

This Summer, GeoMetrick Enterprises will be moving its offices, yet again, and the planning for this made me think how much has changed since I first began thinking about all the issues of running my business, moving, and related issues.

Contracting With Your Vendor Or Software Firm Is Not Trivial

Some of the customers who read these posts are working to do as much of the actual work on their system, as possible, to include LIMS/ELN/LES System Administration, configuration, programming, etc… Others have decided that they don’t need to build some or all of these skills in-house and are asking their software vendors or other outside consulting firms (such as the premier GeoMetrick Enterprises) to do the work, instead. In doing this, while you do avoid having to build the skills in-house, you do not abdicate yourself from the potential issues that can come from this.

Two Issues For Writing a Generic Mobile App for Your LIMS, ELN or LES

In my last post, I suggested to customers interested in running mobile apps for their LIMS, ELN or LES that they consider writing their own or having someone write one for them. I suggested writing them specifically for the devices that they will use. But some clever folks are still thinking they’re going to write one generic app that works for everything. They think if they do this that, if they switch devices, they can just swap the new devices in. Here are two more considerations.

More Blog Changes

Recently, I added new features to the blog to help fix a few issues the blog was having but also to provide new features to allow easier subscription to posts and comments and better notifications, overall. Today, I have removed all those features. They didn’t work quite as expected plus created some unexpected consequences. Now, we’re back to the old notification features.