SAP LIMS Interface – Some Background

As I like to do upon occasion, today my post is based off of not just one but two (Yes, count them! TWO!!) search phrases that brought one or more readers to this blog. Today’s phrases are “sap-lims interface” and “sap-lims interface challenges.” In this case, though, I’ve already split this into two posts, so this post will give some background and the next post will list some of the most common issues to deal with.

Learning to Manage and Project Manage

I’ve worked for, with and as a project manager, and for and with managers, as many of you have. Among them, some have been great, others horrible, many mediocre. What brings this to mind is that I was having a conversation with someone not long ago who was talking about their project manager and just making some general comments, neither positive nor negative, but merely descriptive. In hearing the comments, I realized both that the person had no idea what a project manager actually does and also that their project manager doesn’t actually do project management. As an aside, I’d been reading “The Spy and the Traitor” and realized that story is relevant to this (which I will get to later in this post).


These days, it seems as if we can get micro-anything-we-want. We can get micro-greens, micro-brews and micro-distilling, just to name a few. In any case, I knew that micro-roasting (of coffee) was a “thing” but I was quite surprised, the other day, when I ordered coffee and each bag I received had information not just about what coffee was in the bag, but it said it had been specifically brewed for me (it had my actual name on each bag) and gave the date and time roasted.

Three Ineffective Training Ideas

Even though GeoMetrick Enterprises does not supply training services, most of us do eventually have to take part in training, whether assisting trainers to understand a new implementation or in taking training, ourselves. Some training is better than others and people learn in different ways, but some ideas work for very few people, regardless. Here are the ideas that are ineffective in training, but are actually seen all too frequently.