Clarification on Last Post

In my last post, Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone, mentioned the Mobile development that I’m doing. Some of you probably thing I mean that that’s what I’m doing in my new job. Keep in-mind that I promised I would be staying away from talking about what I’m doing at my job. I […]

Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone

Despite posts to say “goodbye” and to indicate I was going to sell this trademark and blog, none of that has happened. I didn’t actually intend to keep this all going but I’ve been thinking about other things and have spent no time at all trying to determine the worth of this.

Software Vendors Compare With Others

I seem to be having a number of conversations with software vendors in the past six months. Sometimes, we’ll get to the part of the conversation where the software vendor wonders why their product isn’t selling as well as someone else’s.

I’m Watching Too Many Demos: Some Comments

Recently, I’ve been doing what is possibly the least favorite thing about my job – watching software demos. As I always say, there are just so many products out there and they’re all so similar that they do just blend-in, for the most part.

My Conference For the Year: WordCamp 2016

While it’s true that I no longer attend conferences in our industry, for the most part, it doesn’t mean that I absolutely never attend a conference. While the rest of you might have been at GCC (Gulf Coast Conference), I was at a WordCamp 2016.

Why Non-Life Science Companies Should Care About Life Sciences Awards

From a previous post entitled GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Awards, some of you know that, this summer, GeoMetrick Enterprises has won the 2016 International Life Sciences Awards from GHP (Global Health and Pharma) Magazine and been has been named “Best Laboratory Informatics Solutions Company – USA.” Those of you who are NOT in the life sciences might wonder why you should care.

More on the LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group

Yesterday’s blog post talked about my involvement with the LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group in “Gone in LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group and Others.” Today, I want to say a few separate things about the group.