Laboratory Informatics

Software Vendors Compare With Others

I seem to be having a number of conversations with software vendors in the past six months. Sometimes, we’ll get to the part of the conversation where the software vendor wonders why their product isn’t selling as well as someone else’s.

I’m Watching Too Many Demos: Some Comments

Recently, I’ve been doing what is possibly the least favorite thing about my job – watching software demos. As I always say, there are just so many products out there and they’re all so similar that they do just blend-in, for the most part.

Why Non-Life Science Companies Should Care About Life Sciences Awards

From a previous post entitled GHP 2016 International Life Sciences Awards, some of you know that, this summer, GeoMetrick Enterprises has won the 2016 International Life Sciences Awards from GHP (Global Health and Pharma) Magazine and been has been named “Best Laboratory Informatics Solutions Company – USA.” Those of you who are NOT in the life sciences might wonder why you should care.

Gone from LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group and Others

Overall, I’m cleaning-out my LinkedIn groups to only those that I find useful, either by the great information they give or because I feel some kind of purpose in belonging to them. As part of my Fall “back to business” initiative, I’m in a “declutter my world” mode and this is one of the many results.

Some Comments on the 2016 GHP Life Sciences Awards

As soon as I got the notification about GeoMetrick Enterprises winning the 2016 GHP (Global Health & Pharma) Life Sciences Awards, I sent the notification out. I couldn’t contain myself! Meanwhile, I’ve spent a little more time looking at the winners.

Is Paper Ever Better?

A few moments ago, a magazine I used to subscribe to announced to me that their digital newsletter was no longer going to be produced as the printed magazine is so popular that they’re no longer going to bother with creating the digital format. Another magazine I subscribe to gives free digital editions when you purchase the print edition (it actually does cost more to get both) and I find that I do sometimes use those digital editions when I want to print something out to mark it up, rather than putting Post-It Brand Notes all over the magazine, but the print edition remains popular because it’s the kind of thing where readers like to flip back-and-forth.

Press Releases and Other Industry News

The other day, I had asked readers to help me with my list of places to post press releases. I appreciate those who took the time to do that. One person reminded me that it can take money and/or connections to get press releases published.