Should You Break Your Working LIMS, ELN or LES?

Over time, many systems, despite strong procedures and practices, end up with portions that are convoluted or messy, in one way or another. I see plenty of opportunities where customers could get in and rewrite some code to make it cleaner and easier-to-manage. I’ve written about this, before. And, as before, I think we all acknolwedge that this is a tricky business because, first off, everyone is already too busy to do this and, secondly, it could introduce other problems. But we’re seeing a growing trend in this that I specifically want to talk about: Version 7 LabWare LIMS upgrades.

Three High-Level Reporting Tips

Reporting from the systems we use, the LIMS, LIS, ELN and such, is challenging. Getting data onto a report and in a format that meets the users needs or for regulatory purposes, is not trivial. Today, I will give you three high-level tips on how to get that data out and in a usable format. A lot of your reporting success or failure will depends on the tools you are using, too, of course.