CV Magazine 2018 Corporate Excellence Award

GeoMetrick Enterprises has just received the CV (Corporate Vision) Magazine 2018 Corporate Excellence Award: Most Reputable LIMS Implementation Consultancy 2018 – Michigan Gloria Metrick GeoMetrick Enterprises http://www.GeoMetrick.com/

Moving to Iowa and How Times Change

This Summer, GeoMetrick Enterprises will be moving its offices, yet again, and the planning for this made me think how much has changed since I first began thinking about all the issues of running my business, moving, and related issues.

More Blog Changes

Recently, I added new features to the blog to help fix a few issues the blog was having but also to provide new features to allow easier subscription to posts and comments and better notifications, overall. Today, I have removed all those features. They didn’t work quite as expected plus created some unexpected consequences. Now, we’re back to the old notification features.

GeoMetrick Enterprises’ Anniversary

This roughly marks the start of GeoMetrick Enterprises. I started working on the company March 1st, 1996 and gotten all the insurance, registrations and such not long afterward. It’s strange to me to think that, this time last year, I had begun a W-2 job thinking I was starting a new phase in my life but, at this point, already knowing the job probably wasn’t going to last and that I would likely return, here. Here are some thoughts and observations based on these years in business.

Three Observations on Agile and Other Methodologies

I keep hearing complaints of projects who go sprint-after-sprint with their Agile project and can’t make progress. Regardless, the methodology, I’ve got three observations to pass along to readers. For the past few years, Agile seems to be the hot topic but it’s still no guarantee for project success. Read on for more thoughts.

More Comments Regarding 2018

In my last post, I talked about how I’m seeing a resurgence of leads for business in Comments Regarding 2018. As I think more about it and speak to more people, I’m not sure I’m getting a clear picture of the year ahead. Next, I’ll tell you why.

LinkedIn Message Workaround

I know it sounds odd that a LIMS/ELN/SDMS/LES blog would give a workaround to software that is not of that type of software. However, so many of use use LinkedIn to keep in-touch or drive business that I frequently seem to be coming across people having the same problem I’m having with responding to messages. With that said, I found a workaround and willing to share what I have.

Old Blog Links Deleted

When I began this blog in 2009, I started it with the outonalims.wordpress.com link. Eventually, I purchased outonalims.com. However, both links were in operation until I moved the blog back in September. At that time, outonalims.wordpress.com became obsolete. Being conservative about data migration, I left the old site up until I felt comfortable that I […]