Post 700: This Blog is Back On-Line

In my last post, I let readers know that this blog would start having downtime and a changeover beginning on Friday, September 8th, 2017. Also, just by chance, today’s post is Post #700.

The blog has been moved to a new host and is finally back up and in working order. You’ll notice it looks a bit different. While I’d call it a work in progress, right now, most of what needs to work is working and it was finally close-enough to notify subscribers that it’s back. You’ll likely see more changes in the near future but most are minor cosmetic changes.

This Blog is Moving Yet Remaining Right Here

Starting Friday, September 8th, 2017, I will begin moving this blog from its current WordPress hosting area to a self-hosted area. As such, even though it will be moving and you might see a disruption of service, the web address remains the same. So, in a sense, it isn’t actually going anywhere.

Being a Better Leader by Ari Weinzweig

Here in Ann Arbor, there is a company called Zingerman’s that is responsible for quite a number of food opportunities. From restaurants, to a gourmet shop, a deli, a coffee roasting emporium, a dairy shop (cheese and ice cream), a bake shop, a farm, and baking classes. Oh, and management courses. Yes, the place that began as a little gourmet shop and deli is also famous for its leadership courses and books (books which are carefully sold in select places, such as ZingTrain). I finally grabbed one of their books and began reading it.

Notice of No Change

This is quite unusual that someone would write about the fact that nothing has happened, yet here I am doing just that.

Web-Site Warning

For those of you who might try to link to the GeoMetrick Enterprises web-site today and throughout the week, I will warn you that I’m working on it. If it appears to change before your eyes, it is actually doing that. Some of you might suggest I make the changes off-line then stage them. However, […]

One More GxP Compliance Issue

Just this week, I noticed the post “GxP Versus Non-GxP” had an unusually high number of readers. With Autumn quickly approaching, I will guess that people are starting to think about new projects and, with that, compliance issues.

Working With GeoMetrick Enterprises

Monday, my job was terminated. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent entirely just catching-up with people via e-mail and phone. Some of it was bona fide business development and there are some questions that keep coming up that I decided to just publicly answer for anyone who wants to know.

End of Time at U of M – Regrets?

My time at the University of Michigan is over and I posted that change in LinkedIn as soon as I returned home from my final day at work. An unbelievably large number of people who were interested-enough to suddenly look at my profile (lots more than usual). Hopefully, that will lead to one type of great opportunity or another.

A Bizarre New Trend

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve had conversations with people in our industry where the very same topic came up and using the almost the same verbiage. I’ve never had quite this thing happen and am convinced these people don’t know each other. It’s so creepy and weird that I had to share this.