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No LIMS/ELN/LES in Sight

March 19, 2017

One effort I’m just finishing is to replace my main office machine and now have a situation I haven’t had in many years – I don’t have a single LIMS, ELN or LES installed on it. It’s a weird, weird, weird feeling!

As happens with many of us, by the time I retire a machine to some alternative duty (i.e., not running as the primary machine for my office), there is just way too much junk installed on it and too many files that I no longer use nor need to save. I always look at this as an opportunity to do some cleanup.

As such, I copy everything but I make a list of all the software I know I want to install and then I install it on the new machine. But I have a copy of everything in case I’ve forgotten something and I can always add it, later.

But as I was making this list, I realized there is not a single piece of laboratory software in my list. There is no LabWare LIMS/ELN, no Thermo Fisher SampleManager LIMS/LES nor Nautilus LIMS, no Autoscribe Matrix LIMS – nothing like those. Not a single one!

So, while I do sometimes login to an LVS system at work, that’s on my work machine. And while I do login to the iVention iLES system, the versions I’m using are in the cloud – I don’t have to install them on my own machine.

So, for now, at least, my machine seems so barren without these – a virtual wasteland. This is a situation I’m struggling to adjust to. Honestly, it’s left me feeling a little creeped-out. And it forces me to ask myself this question, “Without LIMS, ELN or LES, who am I, really?” So, it’s a bit of an identity crisis situation.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

Thermo Fisher Scientific and CoreLIMS

March 8, 2017

Someone e-mailed me, yesterday, and asked if I’d heard the news about CoreLIMS and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Of course, I hadn’t, because I no longer keep up with this type of news. Even so, I had my first guess what the news must be.

Was your first guess that Thermo Fisher Scientific bought CoreLIMS? Well, then you just spoiled the surprise for the rest of us, here.  😉   I’m just kidding. Of course that’s everyone’s first guess and no surprise. It’s the truth, too, and here’s the press release for those of you that are interested:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Acquires Core Informatics, Provider of Leading Cloud-Based Scientific Data Platforms

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

My Unbelievable Pittcon Story

March 7, 2017

I have a Pittcon story to tell that isn’t really that exciting but a lot of people have a hard time believing it. Most people can’t fathom it.

But first, let me tell the story about a previous Pittcon: the last time I was at Pittcon, I was overscheduled. I was meeting with all the magazines, leading a networking session, giving a talk or two, invited to evening receptions, and having coffee/lunch/etc… with various people. I didn’t say “no” to a single one of them and I was so packed with activities that I could barely get to them all. One problem was that I was accepted for everything that I put in an abstract for, which I didn’t expect, and that tipped me a bit over-the-top on the whole thing.

That was a learning experience for me and, for the following year, decided to attend Pittcon but to volunteer for just one single thing. The networking session I’d led had gone so well, people liked it so much, got so much out of it, all said they wanted to do it, again, that I decided that would be the event I would volunteer for.

Here’s the part people have a hard time believing – it wasn’t accepted. I was just blown-away people all the attendees were so positive about it I just wasn’t prepared that the idea would be turned-down. Pittcon said something about running out of space. In any case, I suddenly found myself with nothing at all scheduled (on top of that, no-one I knew seemed to be attending, either, that year, by some odd coincidence).

The outcome was that I didn’t attend. There were so many conferences, for a while, that I had made a policy that I wouldn’t attend if I wasn’t somehow involved in a conference. With that in-mind, I did not attend Pittcon, that year. In fact, I have never returned. By the way, I’m not upset and boycotting Pittcon, it’s just by chance that I never saw a good reason to return, since then. And, now with a W-2 job as a customer, there’s no reason I’ll ever be back (but thank you to the kind person that suggested we might see each other at Pittcon, this week).

Anyway, we all think that you can’t be turned-down at Pittcon. It’s not true. I’m the only person any of us has come across that was turned-down. It can happen. But if you don’t believe me, I’ll understand.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

Clarification on Last Post

March 3, 2017

In my last post, Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone, mentioned the Mobile development that I’m doing. Some of you probably thing I mean that that’s what I’m doing in my new job. Keep in-mind that I promised I would be staying away from talking about what I’m doing at my job.

I meant that that’s what I’m doing for other development purposes and, in this case, it happens to be for iVention, US.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone

March 3, 2017

Despite posts to say “goodbye” and to indicate I was going to sell this trademark and blog, none of that has happened. I didn’t actually intend to keep this all going but I’ve been thinking about other things and have spent no time at all trying to determine the worth of this.

So, I’m gone, but not “really” gone. And I’m definitely not forgotten. Strangely, people keep singing-up for this blog, the read rates have been fairly impressive, especially since there’s no new content in here, and people keep writing me to urge me to keep this going.

On the whole, I don’t actually have anything to write about. I’m not allowed to write about work and the work I’ll be doing isn’t really something I would write about, anyway. I haven’t even missed the blog. A lot of you don’t believe that but I have barely thought about it, at all.

Until yesterday. Then, I realized Pittcon might be coming up. And I realized it’s next week. While I haven’t been to Pittcon in quite a long time, I had written about it, every year. It seemed strange to let it come and go with no comment. So, from me to you, please go to Pittcon in Chicago, next week, and think of me every time you go outside.  🙂  That brisk March weather will wake you and and get you ready for all-day walking and sessions!

Meanwhile for those of you who have asked what other things I’m doing, I’ve gotten interested in mobile development and using C# with a bunch of plug-ins because I do actually want to run these laboratory apps on Android AND iOS. So, thanks for asking.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

Need Some Help

January 31, 2017

In my previous post, It’s Time to Say Goodbye, I mentioned that I was possibly selling the trademark and blog. As it happens, there are people interested but I have struggled to find a way to price it in an appropriate manner. While there are other trademarks I’ve found for sale, they’re not in the same industry, packaged with something besides a blog, and just aren’t quite a good comparison.

If anyone out there has suggestions, I would be excited to hear them. I’m trying to take my time with the process but I don’t want too much time to go by that the interested parties lose interest, either, so any suggestions are welcome.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

January 11, 2017

My big news for 2017 is that I find it’s time to say goodbye to all of you. I am taking a permanent W-2 job with a local establishment.

After years of being in charge, taking the best projects to work with, and getting all types of opportunities I probably never would have other received, it’s time to do something else.

I started this business almost 21 years ago knowing I could provide the best quality of services and do it better than the other services firms. I committed myself to providing an excellent implementation experience to a variety of customers in many industries.

I’ve worked with the LabWare products for almost 21 years – almost as long as they’ve been commercially available and longer than just a small handful of people in the entire world. I’ve worked with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s SampleManager for 27 years. This year, 2017, is my 30th anniversary with LIMS, with the great majority of those years in providing external services to customers.

What Happens to GeoMetrick Enterprises and Its’ Customers
GeoMetrick Enterprises, as a registered company, needs to stay around so that Dr. Slomczynski can continue to use it for his own work. The registration is still in good standing, the insurance is all paid-up. He might as well continue to use it.

As for my customers, I have spoken with each of them, individually, about what works best for them and how to ensure that they are properly taken care of. I take my customers commitments quite seriously and no-one has been abandoned.

What Happens to This Blog
Dr. Slomczynski has enough to do with his own blog HPLC’N You. In addition, he doesn’t work with LIMS, so he won’t be taking this over.

A number of people have suggested I continue to write it, myself. However, I’ll be moving into a position where I’ll no longer be working with the issues about which I wrote. I won’t be watching what the industry is doing, speaking on matters of small businesses, or working with a variety of customers.

It doesn’t cost much to keep the name and leave the blog running so that people can continue to search the information it contains. However, blogs that don’t get new posts don’t get read. Search engines track new content and, without routine new content, this blog will one day no longer even show up in the search engines.

The Next Step for the Blog/Trademark
One thing that I don’t plan to do is to give this blog away. This blog is an artifact of my marketing strategy. It’s part of this commercial venture. I worked diligently to build the readership and to attract readers.

I trademarked this name, defended it and maintained it as required by trademark law and am willing to sell it. It’s a recognized name in the industry and selling it is actually what I’d intended to do when I retired, many years from now. My initial plan was that that would provide a little extra money for my retirement.

If there is anyone interested in buying the trademark from me, please contact me at your earliest convenience. We can discuss plans for the transfer.

Is This the Last Post?
I’m not sure if I’ll make any more posts. If any of the other awards the company has won are formally announced, I would probably come to announce those, for instance. Other than that, I’m just not sure if there’s anything else to say, except for this:

Thank you to all who have been my customers and to all of those with whom I’ve had interesting and educational conversations, over the years. Thank you to all who have given me the opportunities that allowed my business to continue for so long and for me to grow as a professional. Best wishes in all your projects!  🙂

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises