Providing Local Laboratory Services (or Not)

Most of us in the laboratory informatics industry end up working on projects that aren’t close to home. I’m mainly talking about the area of services I work with, which are product selection, requirements gathering, and implementation services, such as configuration/customization. While I occasionally run into people who are getting local work, they’re the minority.

Update on Resourcing and Whether There’s a Shortage

In previous posts, “Where Have All the SampleManager Resources Gone?” and “Ditto For the LabWare LIMS/ELN,” I talked about the fact that there seems to be quite a few people asking for Thermo Fisher Scientific and for LabWare resources but seemingly not finding them when there are actually resources available in the market. In the past few weeks I made another update post “Update on Resourcing and Whether There’s a Shortage.” Since then, I have spoken with yet more people getting their viewpoints on this and will share more thoughts on it.

System Purchase and Implementation Issues

When selecting a LIMS, ELN or LES, potential customers look for functionality that matches their needs. Additionally, most companies will have some other criteria, such as the operating system or database they prefer to use. But when systems offer basically the same features and run on the same platforms, there are other technical considerations to review before purchasing one.

Three Ways to Ruin Your LabWare LIMS / ELN and Other Systems

I had made some previous posts that talk about the fact that you need to be careful what you do when managing your LabWare LIMS / ELN or even other brands of these systems. The last such post was poorly titled as “How to Create Huge Problems With Your LabWare and Other Systems” because it was more of a warning than a “how to” guide. Today, I will talk specifically about the LabWare system and the terrible things people do to it to make it unusable. However, these tips often can be used with other brands, as well.