GeoMetrick Enterprises

Working With GeoMetrick Enterprises

Monday, my job was terminated. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent entirely just catching-up with people via e-mail and phone. Some of it was bona fide business development and there are some questions that keep coming up that I decided to just publicly answer for anyone who wants to know.

My Dilemmas

As with many small businesses, I have a number of issues come up that demand my attention. It’s just part of having a business. Some things that are recently on my mind are these: rearranging where and what I write; LinkedIn changes.

More on Anniversary and SmartLab

I’m off to the SmartLab Exchange in Berlin, Germany, where I’ll be all of next week. As such, I will be unreachable to everyone except those people that I have agreed to stay in-contact with. Here’s my plan: those people with an ongoing need to stay in-touch with me get priority on my time for next week, as I expect it to be a busy week.