No LIMS/ELN/LES in Sight

One effort I’m just finishing is to replace my main office machine and now have a situation I haven’t had in many years – I don’t have a single LIMS, ELN or LES installed on it. It’s a weird, weird, weird feeling!

Clarification on Last Post

In my last post, Gone But Not Forgotten, er, I Mean, Actually Gone, mentioned the Mobile development that I’m doing. Some of you probably thing I mean that that’s what I’m doing in my new job. Keep in-mind that I promised I would be staying away from talking about what I’m doing at my job. I […]

Customers and LinkedIn

I use LinkedIn as a place I promote my business as opposed to a place to list my customers. Despite that, I had added a “position” for my work with iVention LLC. I have just removed it.

Ditto for the LabWare LIMS / ELN

In my last post, Where Have All the SampleManager Resources Gone?, I talked about the fact that there seems to be quite a few people asking for Thermo Fisher Scientific resources but seemingly not finding them when there are actually resources available in the market. Today, I would say, “Ditto for the LabWare LIMS / ELN.”

Still Not “Knowing” New Systems

In my recent post The Lack of the Ultimate System I was talking about my frustration that I do not have just one really great system option that I can give to customers who just need some basic system, where the problem is that, to actually “know” system is to implement it.

iVention and GeoMetrick Enterprises – a New Customer

Some of you have or will be seeing that I am now showing up in conjunction with iVention US. Before any rumors get started, let me tell those of you reading this exactly what this means and it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up my customers (so, to you vultures that are now ready to pounce, just forget it!).