LabWare LIMS Isn’t #1 in Cleveland

…nor is Thermo Sample Manager, Symyx ELN or any of the products I normally talk about. As you might or might not have noticed, I take an interest in market share, which products are popular, what categories of products exist and similar topics. Each geographic area is different and, here in Cleveland, people using these types of products appear to be almost non-existent.

When Will “Disruptive Software” Hit Laboratory Informatics?

Last night, I attended a meeting of the Cleveland IEEE. There were four 15-minute talks. One of the presentations had to do with the proliferation of the free tools that are available for use. This leads me to discuss “disruptive technology” and whether I think we’ll be “disrupted” by free tools anytime, soon. Interesting Tools … Read moreWhen Will “Disruptive Software” Hit Laboratory Informatics?

Laboratory Informatics Software Selections: Day 4

Earlier this week, I began a series of blog posts focused on the software selection process. Tuesday, I provided you with articles that would get those of you started who plan to do it themselves. Wednesday, I discussed some of what HAS changed in our industry. Yesterday, I mentioned some of the terms used in our industry and why they aren’t that useful. Today’s post talks about the places people get stuck when they do this, themselves, and mentions a new services offering from GeoMetrick Enterprises.

Laboratory Informatics Software Without Services

Our industry’s magazines do post some number of articles about software products, even though customers of the software might not think there are enough of these articles and, actually, some of the articles aren’t worth reading. However, I don’t think I’ve seen any articles in the big magazines (or even the smaller journals) about the services vendors in our industry.

The Company Newsletter and Data Sharing

Yesterday, the GeoMetrick Enterprises’ monthly company newsletter was issued. August’s topic was about data sharing (to subscribe: ). Just as with the last few months, the percentage of people reading this month’s newsletter was relatively high. I commented on this statistic in the blog, last month ( ), but I’m still pondering the reason for the suddenly high reading rates. This month, however, I’ve received enough e-mails to comment on the topic of sharing data and what a chore it is that I’m convinced this topic is of particular interest.

More on Shifting the Blame

A couple days ago, I wrote about “shifting the blame” – the tendency projects seem to have of fostering the need for its team members to spend their time looking for others to push blame and problems onto. In writing that post, I got into my project manager mode – I was thinking about how if we’d just create sensible project plan, stick to it, work together, etc…, how well it would all go – how much progress we could make.