Free Laboratory Informatics Consulting at GeoMetrick Enterprises

If your project is out of money and needs just a little extra consulting or if you’re tired of helping companies get projects with no thanks from them, this post is for you. With so many of you preparing to attend next week’s LabWare CEC, I wanted to make you an offer in case you get a referral opportunity.

LabWare LIMS – Asyncronous

I normally don’t give out product-specific tips. That’s what the LabWare Help Desk is for. However, there is one issue that I think many junior LabWare LIMS people don’t know about and there are even more senior LabWare LIMS specialists that don’t realize this. It’s something that pops-up so often and such a big issue that I want to draw attention to it.

Brain Dump on LabWare (and Other) LIMS Upgrade and Merge Issues

Someone recently wrote to me for advice on how to get started with a LabWare system migration for two V5 systems that will be merged into a V6 system. I sent him my brain dump to help give him a start and I figured I would share it with all of you who might be doing the same, but a lot of these issues apply to just about any system, whether LabWare LIMS, SampleManager LIMS, an ELN or anything else.