Working With GeoMetrick Enterprises

Monday, my job was terminated. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent entirely just catching-up with people via e-mail and phone. Some of it was bona fide business development and there are some questions that keep coming up that I decided to just publicly answer for anyone who wants to know.

No LIMS/ELN/LES in Sight

One effort I’m just finishing is to replace my main office machine and now have a situation I haven’t had in many years – I don’t have a single LIMS, ELN or LES installed on it. It’s a weird, weird, weird feeling!

iVention and GeoMetrick Enterprises – a New Customer

Some of you have or will be seeing that I am now showing up in conjunction with iVention US. Before any rumors get started, let me tell those of you reading this exactly what this means and it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up my customers (so, to you vultures that are now ready to pounce, just forget it!).

More Learning for Me

I spent last week in training for a “new” LES (Laboratory Execution System – basically like a LIMS/ELN). I use the quotes because it’s new to me, although the software is relatively new to the market having been around less than ten years. “Why?,” you might ask.