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Monday, my job was terminated. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent entirely just catching-up with people via e-mail and phone. Some of it was bona fide business development and there are some questions that keep coming up that I decided to just publicly answer for anyone who wants to know.

A Bizarre New Trend

Just in the past two weeks, I’ve had conversations with people in our industry where the very same topic came up and using the almost the same verbiage. I’ve never had quite this thing happen and am convinced these people don’t know each other. It’s so creepy and weird that I had to share this.

The LIMS Donkey: No Small Screens, Here!

Last year, a topic came up in one of the discussion groups I belong to entitled something like, “Are You Still a Donkey?” I finally gave in to my curiosity and opened it up to read. As it turns out, it was basically asking if members of the group continued to be donkeys by lugging around their laptops, suggesting it to be a somewhat old-fashioned thing to do, to lug around something so heavy and ungainly. The alternatives were things like BlackBerrys and iPhones, for example.

In Boston, Laboratory Informatics is Important, but People Still Matter

While social networking sites continue to grow and be important in our work, they do not replace the importance of our human interactions, nor are they truly meant to. In fact, some would argue that the on-line networking helps illuminate the fact that we still need and desire to meet to speak in-person.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

Let’s Replace LIMS and ELN With the Abacus — Here’s How!!

An Abacus is easy to learn and use. It’s easier to learn and use than a LIMS or an ELN. With all the people making suggestions that would take us backwards in our progress, why not this suggestion? If we’re going to go backwards, let’s go all the way! 😉

Read the entire posting for more thoughts on this issue.

Gloria Metrick
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