LinkedIn Message Workaround

I know it sounds odd that a LIMS/ELN/SDMS/LES blog would give a workaround to software that is not of that type of software. However, so many of use use LinkedIn to keep in-touch or drive business that I frequently seem to be coming across people having the same problem I’m having with responding to messages. With that said, I found a workaround and willing to share what I have.

Social Media Marketing Comments

There has been a rather big deal made of social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, causing some amount of concern about whether or not to belong and participate in them. Some people believe these to be invaluable to hawking one’s product and services, and that applies to every industry, including our LIMS and Laboratory Informatics industry.

More Comments on the LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group Handover

If you’ve been reading this blog or read your announcement from the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group, you already know I’ve stepped-down from the top spot. I’ve noticed something over the past few days of blogging about this that I wanted to share with everyone else. Big Numbers My hit rate is really high in my … Read moreMore Comments on the LinkedIn LIMS/LI Group Handover

The Power and Purpose of the LinkedIn LIMS/Laboratory Informatics Group

To promote it and to explain its purpose, I’ve been writing about the LinkedIn group I started for Laboratory Informatics people, such as those in LIMS, ELN, SDMS, LIS, CDS, and others. Previously, I made two blog posts here in “Out on a LIMS” and wrote two articles about it for “Scientific Computing.” My motives for creating this group are to provide a place for us to congregate. Read the entire post for more information.

Gloria Metrick
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