Why Google Does Not Always Help Your Product Selection

Earlier this year, I made a post about product selection where I claimed that those of you who wanted to do a Google search to find products could do it as well as I could in “Making Product Selection Affordable to Everyone.” I got both a response to that AND a new customer with an e-mail that basically said, “No, we can’t do it as easily as you.” I was only moderately skeptical but here’s more evidence that you really CAN’T do it as easily as me as even I’m finding it strange, lately.

Product Selection on a Smaller Budget

Most of the product selection work I’ve done with customers has been in the mid-range to large budget scale. There are many brands that fall into the high-end and middle section from which to select AND we run across most of them often-enough that we know what brands those are. Yet, I haven’t had many customers ask me to assist with smaller budget LIMS, ELN or LES purchases. There are several points I’d like to make about this.

Free Laboratory Informatics Consulting at GeoMetrick Enterprises

If your project is out of money and needs just a little extra consulting or if you’re tired of helping companies get projects with no thanks from them, this post is for you. Getting Referrals Here at GeoMetrick Enterprises, most of my projects come through word-of-mouth. Often, a previous customer who was excited about the … Read moreFree Laboratory Informatics Consulting at GeoMetrick Enterprises

Laboratory Informatics Software Selections: Day 3

Earlier this week, I began a series of blog posts focused on the software selection process. Tuesday, I provided you with articles that would get those of you started who plan to do it themselves. Yesterday, I discussed some of what HAS changed in our industry. Today’s post is an overview of the increasingly meaningless terminology currently used in our industry.