Maybe There’s Hope For Our Projects and Teams, Yet

Some new years bring great hope for better projects and project teams that function more efficiently. This year didn’t seem to be one of them. I began the year feeling jaded about where many industry projects are headed and in the way that teams work together. Speaking with others in the industry didn’t make me feel any more confidence, either. I had the feeling that I was the ONLY person left that wanted to talk about consulting ethics or working together more effectively. Now, while we all know that we’re never the only person who cares, it’s not an easy feeling to shake.

Laboratory Informatics Project Sizes and Management

Having just last year worked with a mammoth clinical (i.e., regulated) project to currently working with a fairly small non-pharma, non-bio manufacturing project is a big switch. Projects, Large and Small, Need Structure Some people claim that small projects need no structure and no real project management but I would disagree. I’ve noticed that the … Read moreLaboratory Informatics Project Sizes and Management

Project Management

As part of this week’s “back to work” theme, here in this project management posting, one will consider the aspects of project management. Projects need varying amount of management. The larger the project, the more likely it is to need formal project management. Mid-sized projects might have a part-time project manager that is shared with other projects, while large projects usually have a dedicated project manager.