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How Do You Know If Remote Resources Are Working, Eat Bon-bons, Or Doing Both?

Just the other day, I had an interesting discussion with someone who is using remote resources on their project. We had a bit of a laugh over those people who constantly worry that remote resources might not be doing what they’re supposed to and, instead, goofing-off or, as we say in our industry jargon, “eating bon-bons.” Most projects are pretty savvy about this but what if your project is new to do this? How would you know, short of putting cameras on them?

Remote Teams

Fairly recently, I’ve had conversations with a handful of LIMS/ELN vendors and services vendors about how they structure teams for customers. Some of them insist that they want people on-site most/all of the project, others stated that they seldom need their people to be on-site for projects, and yet others seem to float in the mid-range of 40-60% on-site.