How Your Preferred Vendors List Hurts You During the SampleManager Resource Crunch

I’ve been recently writing posts on how to get through the crunch for SampleManager resources and that I predict things are now going to get even worse and possibly quite soon. Also, I happened to notice this search brought someone to my blog: “why do large companies use preferred it vendor.” This got me thinking more about this situation with regard to the preferred vendors.

Five Strategies to Get Through the SampleManager Resource Crunch

For one reason or another, there seems to be a major shortage of SampleManager resources, right now. It could have to do with the release of version 10, that possibly customers were just waiting for that before starting quite a lot of this work. Or, it could be some change in our industry’s economy. I wonder if some people call me because they know I’m working in 10.2 and have a specific interest in 10.2 experience, but I haven’t asked. Regardless the reason, the problem is that there don’t seem to be enough resources, right now. None of the ideas I’m about to pass along are new, but they’re ones I’ve noticed customers use when they especially want to get a resource during these times. Normally, if you talk to someone and they’re busy, you’d ask if they know anyone to suggest. It’s a shortage — we don’t know anyone. Instead, here are five of those strategies.

Knowing Who Can Do a Good Job For Your Project/Software

Whether you are a customer looking for someone to work with you on your project or a software vendor looking for someone to work with your product, it is difficult to determine who can do a good job for your project or your software. Here is where I would make the case that you can best accomplish this through going with an individual who you can vet and depend on for a long term. But even then, it is not a simple matter to find such a person. You can never “know” that any particular individual will do a good job.