Sample Manager

Bad Timing?

I’d scheduled my newsletter to come out, yesterday, and I started to wonder if my timing was bad as a number of “out of office” responses came back leading me to think that quite a lot of people have left early for TIW (Thermo Informatics World) in Las Vegas.

SampleManager 11

“Talk about SampleManager 11.” Sadly, I’ve had this note to myself for this blog post for months, now. Initially, I had been part of the Beta test and was not at liberty to discuss this new version. Finally, it was released and I’d meant to get back to this post to make some comments on […]

No More Labels – My Empty Office

In the past months, I’d been writing quite a bit of code for SampleManager GHS (Global Harmonized System) labels on Zebra printers. As of just a few days ago, my office was a disaster. I had labels of all sizes all over the place, extra rolls of label stock and ribbons, and as many as four printers in my office, at one point.

Always Looking for Customers

The focus of every business must be servicing the customers they have. At the same time, no business can exist without continuously looking for new customers. Thus, as with any other business, I am always looking for new customers for GeoMetrick Enterprises. While there is no feeling like the good feeling I get when a […]

My Favorite LIMS

People will sometimes ask me what my favorite product is within a laboratory informatics category and they most frequently ask what my favorite LIMS is.

Biobanking and Freezers — How Times Have Changed

Recently, with the biobanking initiatives many software vendors have, more systems appear to be including this sort of functionality. At the Boston LIMS/Laboratory Informatics meetings, I’ve had a couple occasions to see how a vendor has incorporated this functionality into their system or is providing a good plug-in for it.