End of Time at U of M – Regrets? (The LIMS)

In all these posts about the end of my job, some of you might be surprised that I’m only now writing about the LIMS. Me, too. U of M runs the LVS Biobanking solution which I knew before I had an inkling I would work there so I guarantee I’m not passing along any secrets, here. It was easy enough to see from reading people’s LinkedIn profiles so they’re not keeping it a secret.

System Purchase and Implementation Issues

When selecting a LIMS, ELN or LES, potential customers look for functionality that matches their needs. Additionally, most companies will have some other criteria, such as the operating system or database they prefer to use. But when systems offer basically the same features and run on the same platforms, there are other technical considerations to review before purchasing one.

More on Using LabWare LIMS

More and more, people seem to take to the internet to find answers to their questions, doing general searches to look for information. I see quite a few searches for LabWare LIMS, StarLIMS and SQL*LIMS coming into my blog. Since I write so much about the LabWare LIMS, it’s just natural that so many of those searches hit my blog but I can’t quite figure out why so many of the StarLIMS and SQL*LIMS searches hit it, since I probably have just a very few posts that only mention those products and don’t give information on them. However, with so many of the LabWare searches hitting my blog, I noticed a few that caught my eye and want to speak to them, today.

Cannot Update SQL in StarLIMS

Once again, I’m looking at the search terms people used to find my blog and turning it into a posting. Last week, someone used the term “cannot update sql in starlims” to find this blog. As usual, it’s a bit of a game for me to try to figure out what issue the searcher was trying to address when they typed-in this search term.

LabWare LIMS Interview Questions

I was looking at my blog statistics for two days ago and discovered that someone found my blog by using the search term “labware lims interview questions” and wanted to address this more specifically. Let’s discuss the types of questions you’ll ask. First of all, by using the term “interview” we’re talking about interviewing people to bring onto your project. You could, of course, just contact me, Gloria Metrick, a LabWare LIMS expert, and make it easy on yourself. 🙂 But supposing you don’t want to take my word for it or have other reasons to interview other people, here are some thoughts on how to get started on this task.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises