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End of Time at U of M – Regrets? (The LIMS)

In all these posts about the end of my job, some of you might be surprised that I’m only now writing about the LIMS. Me, too. U of M runs the LVS Biobanking solution which I knew before I had an inkling I would work there so I guarantee I’m not passing along any secrets, here. It was easy enough to see from reading people’s LinkedIn profiles so they’re not keeping it a secret.

Learning New Systems

For those of you reading this blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that my business specializes in the Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS and the LabWare LIMS. In the past year or so, I have started expanding, somewhat. After all, we eventually all need to learn something new unless we find some comfortable niche where there is a need with not enough competition and that doesn’t describe these products. There are more people looking for implementation work than there are projects, most of the time.

GeoMetrick Enterprises is a Thermo Scientific Consulting Partner

A number of the software vendors in the laboratory informatics industry provide partner programs for the services companies that have an interest in their products. Each vendor that provides these types of programs provides a different variety of programs focused on different types of relationships. As such, the word “partner” means something entirely different depending on WHOSE program it is and on WHICH program it is.

My Favorite LIMS

People will sometimes ask me what my favorite product is within a laboratory informatics category and they most frequently ask what my favorite LIMS is.