WordPress, LIMS and Upgrades

A few people had noticed that there was a new picture on my blog but that it was not a picture of me. This is one of those situations where I accepted an upgrade, it had unintended consequences (the picture of someone else popping-up on my blog) and I decided not to roll it back – that there are more good features than problems and, also, that I didn’t currently plan to devoting time to kicking that person off my blog, being busy with other things. And, in that, it’s the same issue we face with LIMS, ELN and LES upgrades.

Brain Dump on LabWare (and Other) LIMS Upgrade and Merge Issues

Someone recently wrote to me for advice on how to get started with a LabWare system migration for two V5 systems that will be merged into a V6 system. I sent him my brain dump to help give him a start and I figured I would share it with all of you who might be doing the same, but a lot of these issues apply to just about any system, whether LabWare LIMS, SampleManager LIMS, an ELN or anything else.

Three Tips for Planning for the Least Painful Future SampleManager Upgrade

Currently, I’m working on doing some file comparisons for a SampleManager 10.2 upgrade. As I work through the code to verify which changes are upgrade changes versus those that are customizations, I was thinking about how I’m seeing quite a lot of good habits. It occurs to me that, if I want to see good habits from everyone, I should tell you what some of them are.

Knowing When to Upgrade

In yesterday’s monthly newsletter, the newsletter article listed five things you should consider when you’re thinking about whether or not to upgrade your laboratory informatics software, whether it’s a LIMS, an ELN, or something else. But once you decide to upgrade your software, another issue to consider is whether or not your software CAN be upgraded. I thought I’d mention this because it’s an issue one of the newsletter readers pointed-out to me and it’s quite important.