All week, now, I’ve been writing about how to buy a large and complex laboratory informatics product, such as a LIMS or ELN. I don’t mean to say that all LIMS or ELN purchases are large and complex, just that they can be. And there are other types of software that fit this category, too.

Something common I’ve mentioned all week is the fact that, if you can dedicate enough time to the effort, you can probably do your own product selection but you need to educate yourself on it. If you have started the process and feel frustrated, you might want to get more information on how to do it.

I’ve given a few tips in this blog, over the week, but you can find many, many articles on this topic. Articles that were written years ago are still mainly valid. And whether the article says “LIMS” or “ELN” in the title, or whether it’s written for any of the systems, the process is really the same.

Places to Find Articles

You can find articles on my web-site in the “Articles” section:

You can read my blog posts from this week, which are all on this topic:

“LIMS, LIS, ELN, SDMS: Which Do You Pick For Your Company?”

“Product Selection: Should You Do It Yourself or Buy Outside Services?”

“LIMS and ELN Purchases: COTS, SaaS and Open Source”

“LIMS and ELN Purchases: 3 Ways To Be a Good Consumer”

I’ve written a product selection article for both “Lab Manager Magazine” and “Scientific Computing” both coming out in the Fall. Also, “Scientific Computing” has been publishing quite a lot of product selection articles over the Summer.

What if You’re Still Stuck?

If reading all these articles leaves you still frustrated and stuck, you’ll have to ask for help. One place is the LinkedIn group I started in LinkedIn for LIMS/Laboratory Informatics. It’s the oldest and largest such group in LinkedIn devoted to LIMS, ELN, CDS, SDMS, etc… and is a place you can network with others in the industry and ask questions. Take a free membership and join us in this non-commercial effort at:

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