Yesterday, we ran our user testing. We can see some areas where more training is needed. Also, there were some odd system problems, and a few other assorted things I need to investigate to determine whether there’s a bug or not. Overall, we’d just been patting ourselves on the back that it actually went pretty well. That was short-lived. The project manager walked in, heard our list, and became very unhappy and nervous – as if we’d had something definitely major or quite a lot of things that came up. He remains convinced that our project sign-off has one foot on a banana peel!

Meanwhile, I’m putting the list together for this morning. We’ll run through them to prioritize them, and I’ll have to tackle what I can while I’m around, this week. Our goal is that I finish the high-priority ones for Thursday, we run more tests to verify any fixes on Thursday, and Friday could be a time when I could look into anything that might come up on Thursday.

Side note:

One thing about working at this customer is that they’re easily accessible to public transportation and my hotels are always close to public transportation, too. Rather than getting a car, learning their driving rules, and taking a chance on getting lost and not being able to ask for directions (since I came here not knowing the language), this has been cheaper for the customer and more convenient for me. I especially love the Swiss train system. If it’s one minute off, people start wondering what’s wrong! When the station clock hits the minute a train is supposed to leave, it’s gone by the time the clock strikes the next minute. But the trains are just part of their overall system, of which I’ve had good experiences during my time here. As a person who drives everywhere, this public transportation system is a novelty to me, especially its puncuality!

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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