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The Problem

Yesterday’s newsletter topic mentioned the issue that we’re now bombarded with more information than ever before. Even more than ever before, we get a lot of biased junk coming at us. After all, anyone can now easily start their own blog, newsletter, etc… I’ll use myself as an example.

Information is Cheap and Easy to Distribute, Nowadays

So, for example, it does not cost me much to pay for the tools to manage my newsletter distribution. Unlike the days when it cost a small fortune to print and mail paper newsletters, most businesses can now afford to have a newsletter now that e-newsletters are an option. For another example, this blog you’re reading is free. The barriers are down and any business can afford to have their own blog.

Yet, on the plus side, there’s even more good information coming out, as well. If you hide from the barrage you’ll miss out on some good information as well as the bad. So, when you get frustrated with the multitude of information coming at you and your result it to stop reading it, altogether, you’re missing out on some good stuff.

The Solution Hasn’t Changed

Just as you might have read various newspapers or magazines with different skepticism based on what types of news or information they reported, it is still up to you to judge the information that comes to you as something that’s useful that you’ll continue to subscribe to, or as something you will avoid by not subscribing or by sending it to your Trash folder. In the old days when it was all print, you would never have subscribed to every available newspaper and magazine, partly because that would be expensive, but partly because you wouldn’t have time to read it all.

You still don’t have a lot of time and so it still doesn’t make sense to subscribe to everything. What hasn’t changed is that it’s still up to each reader to pick-and-choose. So, if you’ve gotten overwhelmed by all the things you’ve subscribed to remember that it’s something you’ve done to yourself and something that you can undo, as well.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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