In my last blog entry on the conference, I started telling you about the conference I just returned from and how much it has and will affect myself and my business. I mentioned some of the technology we heard about. In this post, I will focus on the speakers. Here is the link for the previous post on this topic:

Several of the Key-Note Speakers:

We started our sessions with a keynote speaker who has consulted on leadership with several US Presidents. She spoke about the qualities we need to develop in order to be a leader in the 21st century. It was inspiring.

One key-note speaker had written a recent book on Grace Hopper’s life and her impact on us. He read us specific excerpts and spoke of the ongoing work she did in the industry past merely helping coin the term “debugging.” If you don’t know who she was, you’re missing out on knowing about someone who made a massive difference in the way we use computers and write programs for them.

We heard from Craig Newmark, the “Craig” of “Craig’s List.” He told us the story of how he built it and some of his continuing plans for “Craig’s List.” He made the point that “Craig’s List” is built on trust. By basing it on trust but with some selective management, this is part of what Craig claims has made it all so successful.

Side note: I e-mailed Craig to thank him for speaking to us and he wrote right back to thank me for my comments. Can you believe he took the time to do that, considering all the people that must write to him? He’s seems like a “regular” person.

Other Sessions:

There were a variety of other sessions. One of my favorites was a session on interviewing people. This was meant to help you interview people to drive needs assessments and requirements analyses, mainly. The presenters did a great job illustrating some of the mistakes we make when we do this. For example, they would ask a question then ask the audience to tell them what was wrong with the question. Or, there were times they’d ask us to evaluate a vague answer by the interviewee. All of us who do these types of activities could benefit from watching and evaluating these types of discourses, regardless our experience. Watching from the outside and critiquing is a much different and is an educational experience.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “Conference Return: More Tidbits”

  1. Nancy A. Ridenhour

    Gloria, I think another fascinating session was the Sunday morning opener with Ted Janusz on Social Media. Remember that one was still going well past the end time and it finally just had to end so that we could get to the others. I still have websites to check that I made notes of.

    The funniest session though was the last one. The Dating Game where one person played the part of a company picking 3 contestants to meet a business need. Some of those answers were funny.

  2. Nancy, I was surprised I got so much out of that last session on The Dating Game. When I saw it in the agenda it sounded a bit corny, but the organizer of the session did a great job putting it together. It was interesting to watch the customer/consultant interaction from the sidelines, hearing the questions and answers from both sides, then hearing the commentary from the organizer and having the group critique the conversation.

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