Here’s yet another post where I read the search words people use to find my blog and comment upon them. Lately, I’ve been getting a rash of hits from people looking to compare LabWare LIMS with StarLIMS. I suspect these people searching are looking to purchase a LIMS and trying to decide between the two products.

First, let me give the usual warning that neither of the companies is a customer of GeoMetrick Enterprises. My next warning is that, on an in-depth basis, I can’t compare them. While I’m an expert with the gritty technical details of the LabWare LIMS, I know absolutely nothing about the depths of StarLIMS as I have not implemented it, first-hand.

From a higher-level, I’ve seen both come through product selection processes I’ve led for my customers. Both are scalable for use in labs across the enterprise. Both have the features we’d expect from the top products in the market. For example, they both have a certified SAP interface. Both have features specific to pharmaceutical applications (and many others). Both can be used with a web browser. So, for all the features we’d expect from the “big” systems like these, we would find them. With these types of systems, this makes it that much more difficult to compare them because, at a certain level, they have what appear to be all the same important options.

The differences come in other areas. As you create your RFP, you will need to look closely at the lesser features to see how the two compare to those items you want the most. You should check out their services and licensing to see which might best fit with your own needs, or possibly heavily compare your support needs with what each one offers.

And then, there are the dreaded reference checks. Most people don’t do them, possibly because it’s so hard to get complete and informative answers from the references given. This is the area where you could probably find the differences, but also the area where it’s hardest to get that information to come to light.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

2 Thoughts to “LabWare LIMS / StarLIMS Comparison”

  1. Pradeep Nagisetty

    Well said,

    as both of the comparede ones here and also the other top 10 LIMS verndors would eventually have similar functionality, IT infrastructure and system capabilities.
    The difference would come from the capability, cost and time lines to customize the product for you. And they would also differ largely in the support services.

    So, just looking at the functional and IT aspects of the LIMS one shouldn’t make conclusions.

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