This Week Dedicated to a Customer

I have a customer for whom I’ve promised to make a couple posts and ask some questions. As such, I dedicate this week to them. All topics, this week, are specifically focused on postings related to their needs and interests. Somebody will probably ask why I am going through this effort for them. The answer to that is, “Because they’re my customer.” I have the contacts and know-how to get answers to some of these questions and issues they have, so it’s just part of the service I’m providing them to combine my own expertise with information we get from the rest of the world to get the best answers possible.

On top of that, this particular project is one where every member has such a strong feeling of teamwork and of wanting to go the extra mile, that we find ourselves doing extra little things like this for the team and for each other. Good teams inspire people to be creative and to do more. This is that kind of project.

However, these will be topics that other readers will find useful, as well. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I will start a discussion posting on tips for remote teams.

Right now, I don’t have every day of this week planned-out — just a couple of the topics — or I’d tell you what they all are. If you want to find out what they are, you’ll either have to check back, each day; or, if you’ve subscribed via an RSS feed or e-mail subscription, you’ll see the topic title to get an idea whether the topic is of interest to you.

Before anyone lets me know that I forgot to name the customer, nope – I didn’t forget — I purposely didn’t give out their name. That’s called confidentiality, so don’t ask.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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