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I did promise a wrap-up of some of the interesting topics of the SmartLabs Exchange 2010, but I’ll start that later this week. Today, I want to let people know that GeoMetrick Enterprises will be relocated to the Cleveland, Ohio, USA area. There is not a move date, yet, but it will likely take place in the next 2-3 months.

All GeoMetrick Enterprises’ customers have been notified and I have developed my usual plan to keep the impact to them as low as possible. That comes from good organization of the move (it’s a project like any other project, really, with its risks and frustrations) and keeping the customers informed of the plans. Most customers feel no impact, and the ones that do sometimes feel so little impact that they end up asking me after the move is finished, “So, have you made the move, yet?”

In previous moves, it is usually the people who are not customers and are not affected who wonder how I can move without affecting my customers, more, but it helps that my customers are not local ones. As such, we are working together from a distance, already, and changing the distance between us does not seem to make as much of a difference when we have previously worked-out the issues of that type of situation and it is already our habit to work in that manner.

I already have people who have expressed surprise that I could have an office in the Boston area but no customers, here. After all, it seems to have such a tight concentration of laboratory informatics going on. However, from my years in this business, it does not seem to me that local consultants in our business usually work on the local projects, for a variety of reasons (I’ve written a newsletter article about that this subject will be published in the next few months). In fact, I was just up for a project this past Fall where, yet again, I was the only local company under consideration for the project but I did not land that project. That’s just the way it works. Also, I have some great and challenging projects that I wouldn’t exchange just to get something local. Quality, challenges, and great people in a project are extremely important to me.

For those people that persist to ask whether Cleveland is a good location for a laboratory informatics business, I will merely point out that it does have an airport and that that is the main requirement. As such, it meets the requirements.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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