With regard to the LRIG NE (Laboratory Robotics Interest Group – New England) joint meeting with the Boston LIMS/Laboratory Informatics group, I have been writing about it for awhile.

This wasn’t an ordinary single-speaker evening meeting, but a larger event. We began in mid-2009, planning to have the event in October. But we realized there was a meeting conflict and planned it for February 2010, noting that snow could be an issue, that time of the year.

And, lo-and-behold, we had a severe snow warning, called off the meeting, and ended up with a huge snowstorm of – half an inch of snow!! What a letdown!!!

Anyway, we rescheduled for April 27th and the event was a great success. I’m glad to hear that people were excited by it, still talking about it, asking for the speakers’ papers, and thinking about doing it, again.

Also, one speaker from the ELN panel already volunteered their organization to participate in yet another one of these events, if another takes place, because of the good experience they had. And part of the challenge of holding such an event is to find a way to make it the least burden on potential speakers, moderators and panel members as possible. From my own experience with these types of professional groups, I can tell you that there are ways to make their burden heavier or lighter based on your own organizational skills and demands upon them. If you can tell them what to expect, to keep it from being to high a burden, and to be available when they need you, you greatly increase the chance that it will be a good experience for them and that they might help you again in the future, either by volunteering or by suggesting someone they know.

To promote this event, I wrote-up two of the ELN panel members’ systems for a Lab Manager Magazine article to help drive interest in them and their systems at: http://www.labmanager.com/articles.asp?ID=445 because these two projects in the article are two of the ELN panel members from the meeting.

And, I’d written some comments of my own on events, in general, after this event: https://outonalims.com/2010/04/28/last-nights-laboratory-informatics-meeting-why-it-isnt-news/

I blogged a few times previous, too, but these are the latest bits of news on the meeting. I’m proud to have been a part of it and terribly glad it went so well. Hopefully, more of these types of meetings can be planned in various localities. I guess you can all tell I’m still pretty excited about the whole thing.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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