Laboratory Informatics Projects and Methodologies

Now that September is almost here, and soon everyone back at work, talk turns to serious project talk all over. One topic that keeps coming up is that some projects require project management, some more than others, and that various methodologies be employed to do so.

In my newsletter ( ), tomorrow, I talk about the perfect project methodology. Does it exist? People will continue to ask that question as long as there are projects, I suspect.

Also, as I was working on my September conference presentations, the topic of projects, project scope, and project feasibility seemed to be potential issues for each topic to be presented. One would think that, with so many years of project management history, knowledge, discussion and experience behind us that the topic would be done — but one would be wrong.

At one time, our industry claimed that LIMS and ELN projects didn’t need project managers, scope statements, and any of the other trappings of project management. We’ve come a long way, since then. Yet, there is still a reluctance to admit these are often large projects that require a coordination and management required just the same as all large projects.

Gloria Metrick
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