Cannot Update SQL in StarLIMS

Once again, I’m looking at the search terms people used to find my blog and turning it into a posting. Last week, someone used the term “cannot update sql in starlims” to find this blog. As usual, it’s a bit of a game for me to try to figure out what issue the searcher was trying to address when they typed-in this search term.

As I don’t know anything about StarLIMS, though, this one is particularly challenging. For one, I would have to wonder if the StarLIMS SQL is open to developers to update, directly. Or, is the person doing the search merely looking for a way to update the database from the SQL tool, directly?

In the event that someone is trying to figure out how to update their StarLIMS or any other database from the SQL tool, I have a couple things to say:  1. Be careful. Keep in-mind that it’s extremely easy to try to fix-up some development data but to change absolutely everyone’s data if you’re not careful with your WHERE clause. 2. If you need help figuring out a SQL statement syntax, just go into your favorite search engine, such as Google, and type-in something like “oracle sql select” and you’ll get quite a number of good sites to look at. Always include the database (Oracle or SQLServer, for example) in your search terms because they do have slight differences. Also, once you do this kind of search a few times, you’ll find which sites you find useful and which ones are a waste of your time.

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