Although this is slightly off-topic for my blog, I ran into a blog by a new employee at GSK and found it so compelling that I wanted to share it with you:
It’s title:            “The GSK Experience: Geeks, Scientists & Ketones…” I maintain that it’s “slightly” off-topic, since he does actually mention using an ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook).

This blog chronicles the work-study year of a student scientist as GSK. As he says, “who says labs can’t be fun?” and I am having fun reading about his experience. His attitude is infectious. As we read this and remember our first jobs, were we excited? Scared? Disappointed? Happy? Was our first job a great opportunity, in itself, or merely a stepping stone to something better? How many of us moved “up” versus those of us that moved “out” (out of the industry, or out of the corporate structure, such as myself and other consultants, for example)? How many of us still think we can “make a difference” versus those that have given in to the idea that they just have to keep plugging along every single day until they can retire and have hopes of nothing more than that?

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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