First City / First Conference

The first leg of my trip has begun. I’m in Boston for the first of the two conferences I’m attending on this trip. My note to anyone in the Boston area who is reading this and wondering why I didn’t offer to get together during my visit, it’s because, for the few days I’m here, it didn’t initially look to me as if I’d be able to plan much outside attending the conference.

Before giving my workshop, this morning, I’ll have finished almost an entire day of work for a customer in Europe. Since my current task list is a bit light, the customer and I have agreed that I don’t need to put in a full day unless something unexpected comes onto my list. By Noon, I’ll have put in more than eight hours of work.

My goal is that the workshop I’m giving for the conference, this morning, will be useful to people and that they’ll be excited about working through the exercise and discussing the topic. Our topic is COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf). Basically, we’ll cover what that means, how to plan for it, what types of systems that usually refers to, that sort of thing.

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