Conference Two, Done: Now, Onto the Rest of the Trip

I’m relieved and sad that the second conference is over. I’m glad because I’ve no more conference work to do for awhile. But I’m sad because I enjoyed seeing people, catching-up, learning new things, and the like.

I feel pretty good about being able to keep-up with my customer’s work, although quite tired. And, I’m all ready for the next part of my trip, tomorrow.

Previously, I mentioned something about the media and the Integrated Lab being a media partner of the conference. It’s an odd feeling to be part of the “media.” I don’t mean, the “Media” but just the “media.” is not some big, high-profile periodical or anything like that, but serves a purpose in our industry as an independent place to get news related to integrated labs. But we did get to rub shoulders with “Scientific Computing World,” which actually is one of the important periodicals (I mean “Media”), so we had a good chance to have a conversation with them on the deep and important topics of our industry.

Also, as I did get a chance to speak with a number of conferees, many seemed quite pleased with the information they received at this conference. For myself, I’d agree. Additionally, I had a chance to catch-up with a couple past users I hadn’t seen in years and it’s always interesting to me to find out where projects have gone or where their careers have taken them.

Plus, I did get to a good number of the vendor booths by the end of the conference. I always intend to get to all of them, but end up chatting a bit with one vendor or the other and never quite get through the entire lineup. I did get an Agilent mug, this week, and a Waters USB hub, last week, so I did get my fill of freebies for the trip.  🙂

Gloria Metrick
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