Media Partner to SmartLab Exchange 2011

“Out on a LIMS: The Blog for People Who Risk Life and LIMS on a Daily Basis” is now a media partner for the SmartLab Exchange 2011 event (

What Does it Mean?
Here is a full disclosure on this in case you’re wondering, but this just means that “Out on a LIMS™” will be featured on the Pharma IQ web-site ( and that Pharma IQ will get a reciprocal link here in “Out on a LIMS™.” No money changes hands or anything like that. They won’t be telling me what to write, either. However, if they came to me and said something like, “Hey, you’re not writing much about product selection issues, lately, and we think that that’s the hottest topic around,” well, I would probably feel influenced enough to write about it. However, this still does not make this blog part of the mainstream media. It’s still primarily focused toward promoting my business, GeoMetrick Enterprises, not toward more media-centric activities such as writing in-depth investigatory pieces and selling advertising.

Why Do This?
If you’re wondering why I’d bother doing this, there are a number of reasons. First of all, I’m on the SmartLab Exchange 2011 Advisory Board and I do what I can to support the event. It’s a volunteer position, but I feel good about helping make the Exchange a great experience for those in our industry who can attend. By becoming a media partner, it does give my blog more exposure, too. I should add that, although John Trigg has added ( to be a media sponsor, I realized it’s a good way to support the event.  So, even though I write for that blog, as well, it’s not like it creates more work for me beyond the couple of minutes it took me on this blog to add and test the link to their site. Even more than that, I guess I think it sounds kind of cool to be able to call blog someone’s “media partner.”  😉

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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