2010 Year-End Wrap-Up

As a number of us come into a major holiday season full of days off of work, I had decided to make my final post of the year and to go back over some of my favorite posts of 2010 here in this blog and to tell you why they’re favorites.

Unfortunately, as I went through the posts, I found I was picking quite a lot of them. I realized that, here in this blog, I write about things that interest me and I do so as things take place. There isn’t a lag time between writing something and seeing it published. I’ve realized this has made me feel “fonder” of the articles here in the blog over the more formal magazine and newsletter articles that I write.  I enjoyed writing about the conferences I attended, the people I’ve worked with and the common issues of our industry. In the end, I realized I would spend too much time re-reading the articles and reminiscing over the events of the year to make this a practical exercise.

Ultimately, here is what I hope for you, the reader of this blog:

  • That you occasionally had a bit of fun reading this blog.
  • That you learned something new or saw a new perspective on the issues of the laboratory informatics industry.
  • That you now desperately want to use the services of my company, GeoMetrick Enterprises.  😉    Seriously, though, part of the purpose of this blog is not just to inform, but also to show my expertise and thought-process to those who are considering using my company’s services.

Gloria Metrick                     
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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