Looking Ahead in 2011: Business Changes

It is difficult to know exactly what changes will take place here at GeoMetrick Enterprises in 2011. Some of the changes that come are based on planning, others on the opportunities that present themselves.

First, notice that the “Out on a LIMS” logo now sports a registered trademark symbol, as such: ®  While this isn’t actually a change to my business, it is a landmark for it. Getting this mark (a company’s “mark” is just something that people can recognize it by, more or less) registered doesn’t change anything, actually. The act of registering a mark merely makes it easier for people to see that it is being actively used by someone but keep in-mind that we are all required to honor each company’s marks regardless whether or not they are registered. So, for example, if one company likes another company’s brand name, they cannot just start using it merely because it is not registered as a trademark. To those businesses that want to find a way to stand out, they will need to be creative and find their own marks.

I’m tickled pink that I received my mark. As a small business, it is comforting to know that if I put the work into creating and building a mark that I have the same rights to do so as any of the large businesses, and am afforded the same protections for such. Also, having my own business, I sometimes like to strike out in new directions and learn new things. Learning the trademark process and laws was a challenge for me and I like to face a challenge, now and again.

Some of you might be surprised that I didn’t spend my time learning a new laboratory informatics tool, instead. But here are a couple pieces of advice to you: for one, when you have a business, you must allocate time to pure business activities that seem unrelated to what you directly do for the customer; for a second thing, most of you that know tools know that if you pick one up and learn it that it is difficult to get anyone to let you on their project just because you now learned that tool but don’t yet have experience with it.

Other Changes
As I have previously mentioned, I plan to attend fewer events, partly due to high travel costs, partly due to the fact that I have decided that in these changing times I should spend more time focusing on my business and its strategy.

And, as usual, I plan to watch for opportunities to do new things. As I’ve said to some of you, before, being an expert in anything is entirely overrated. What it means is that there are fewer challenges for you. Being an expert is good for an ego trip but not particularly interesting. Doing new things is the real challenge for all of us.

Gloria Metrick                     
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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