Return From SmartLabs and Anniversary

I’m now back from the SmartLabs Exchange in Berlin, Germany. This past Friday was the 15th anniversary of GeoMetrick Enterprises and it’s a long time for a small business to survive.

Brief Notes on SmartLabs
As in the past two years, my third year attending the Exchange was a great experience. There’s an air of excitement about it. Last year, I’d blogged about all the events I attended, each day, as I attended them. This time, I decided not to do that. The days are long to begin with and adding yet another task to them makes them just that much crazier. With that said, there were days I heard great information and stories about projects and issues from people where I was just dying to get back to my computer to tell people about it. This is exactly why I didn’t bring my laptop along as it kept me focused on the event and not on sharing it with my readers – I wanted to give the event my undivided attention.

I’ve always suspected I attend these types of events more to meet people and hear what they’re working on than I do to attend the scheduled presentations and I fully admit that’s my main reason for attending this event. It’s not that the presentations aren’t good but when you’ve seen so many of them, as I have, it becomes yet more difficult to find those with new information or ways of looking at things. However, if the people who attend are working on things that are interesting-enough, then the entire trip becomes worthwhile.

Brief Note on Anniversary
As I told people at the SmartLabs Exchange about the anniversary of GeoMetrick Enterprises, all seemed surprised. Many exclaimed that this is quite a long history for a small company and, these days, maybe any company. That fifteen years of employment by my own company gives me a length of employment and consistency in delivering services that few others can boast. Of course, some probably were amazed at the number, too, as a marker of the amount of time that has gone by in our industry, as there were a number of people at the event that I’ve known even longer than that.

There’s nothing specific I did to make that happen, but to attend to my business as the serious ongoing process that it is. Advice I got early on was that if you treat your business as if it’s a job that you just show up at that you will have a difficult time keeping your business afloat. For those who think it’s trivial to run a small business, it’s not. You have most of the same issues as the big businesses, but on a smaller scale AND without the ability to delegate to others so easily.

Gloria Metrick
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