Flexibility is one of the things customers get here at GeoMetrick Enterprises.

It sounds as if my competitors have some restrictions in what their people can do. A couple areas where I am flexible for customers:

  1. Some customers have been told that they can’t get someone on a “solid” basis. What I mean by this is that customers are required to take odd amounts of time rather than continuous time. In my case, I offer my time to whichever customer gets to me, first. If a customers commits to the time, they get the time, first. That means continuous time.
  2. I’ve also heard that my competitors only allow their consultants to work and bill 40 hours/week. I don’t have that restriction. Thus, if  a customer needs to finish a little faster, for some reason, I can put some extra hours in. Or, if I have a customer that is taking most of my time, I can possibly fit another customer in if they need some small pieces of work done. I don’t need to wait until I have an open week or day or whatever amount of time a customer needs if they can setup something for remote access.

These are a couple issues that recently came to my attention where I have more flexibility than my competitors.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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