Off to IMACS (and Customer)

I’m about to head out on another one of my combination trips where I visit a customer AND attend a conference. This time, I’m off to IMACS at the end of the week, starting the week with a trip to a customer site.

Why Attend IMACS?
Earlier in the year, I’d said I wasn’t attending any more conferences, this Spring, now here I am attending IMACS. Also, I always talk about how I don’t attend conferences I don’t have a part in, either by being a speaker, workshop leader, advisory board member, that sort of thing. At IMACS, I will merely be an attendee. Some might wonder why I would change my mind on this.

I was at the SmartLabs Exchange inAmsterdamand I happened to be speaking with the Velquest folks. They were going on a bit about what a great conference IMACS is, such great talks and all. This is the usual, because they go on a bit about it each time I see them at a conference.  😉   But they seemed sincere about it and did mention some interesting talks.

Not being totally inflexible, I thought I’d give this a chance and attend. That, plus it’s a little bit different type of conference than some of the others that I attend. So, I’m hoping to get a slightly different conference experience than usual.

What is IMACS?
IMACS stands for International Meeting on Automated Compliance Systems and is being held in Bostonat the end of this week:

It is supposed to entirely consist only of end-user companies speaking (i.e., no consultants, no non-profits, no software vendors, no sponsors). Of course, that doesn’t make it a “good” conference unless those speakers chosen are “good.” But I’m going to go and find out. Since I’ve combined it with a user trip, the whole thing ends up being a modestly-priced trip for me.

The Customer
Also, spending a couple days with the customer will hopefully allow us to get quite a lot of work done and I’m looking forward to being at a site that I hadn’t previously visited.

Gloria Metrick
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