Attending IMACS (International Meeting on Automated Compliance Systems) made me feel like I was in a “Cheers” episode (US TV show from 1982 – 1993). Some of you already remember the theme song’s famous line, “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”

Meeting People I Already Knew
I must have met at least a dozen people I already knew through phone calls and e-mail but hadn’t ever met in-person. That’s a huge number to me and quite exciting. In a conference of what was just over 100 people, that’s some kind of record for me, percentage-wise. For those of you who know me, you know that that would be my entire criteria for announcing a conference as successful. I live to meet people I’ve conversed with in-person. As I’ve said many times, that’s my sole reason for continuing to attend Pittcon, for example (and also why I only attend when it’s in Chicago and I can combine it with family visits).

On top of that, I ran into a fellow I hadn’t seen or spoken with for 17 years! It did turn into “old home week” for me, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

Beyond that, I did meet a number of people that I had no previous connection with, and found people to generally be friendly and interactive.

But for Everyone Reading This
As exciting as this all was for me, and I know you’re so happy for me, 😉   those of you reading might not be that excited that I met all these people. You want to know if you’d find it interesting and useful, yourself. That’s a tough question. Actually, after meeting all these people and being so wound-up after the conference, I doubted that I could be objective-enough to comment on this. I thought I’d come back to my desk, today, say it was just “great great great” with no substance behind that opinion. And that is still a bit the case but putting a weekend behind me on this, I do have some constructive things to say about it.

But with this post getting a bit long and I’ve got lots to do in my office after being out of it all last week, I’m going to make you wait until tomorrow for those comments. All week, I’ll probably continue to post on things I learned or conversed with others about at the meeting.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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