RFID and the Paper Notebook Story

I’m still posting stories and information from the IMACS conference. One story I think I said I’d share is that of the lab that put RFID tags on their paper notebooks

What They Wanted
They wanted to be able to keep track of their data and easily find it. So, they spent a good bit of time and money to put active (versus passive) RFID tags on their paper notebooks. They tested the entire system and it worked well…until one day when someone stacked up all the notebooks, put them in a drawer, and all the signals disappeared.

Their Lesson
They realized that, to keep track of their data, they should have been implementing an electronic system and spending their time and money on that, instead. So, that’s what they did. Plus, they’ve gotten other benefits out of the effort that they wouldn’t have gotten from the RFID tag effort they’d done. Their recommendation to everyone else was: “Don’t bother putting RFID tags on your paper notebooks.”

Side NoteHere’s yet another great reason why it’s worthwhile attending some of the conferences – people share stories like this one and others can learn from it rather than trying it from scratch on their own and spending all that time and money all over again.

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