As I so often do, I like to make blog posts regarding the search criteria people use to find my blog. After all, I figure that if someone is interested in that particular item, sometimes I know enough about the topic to write about it. Today is different, though.

Today, I noticed someone used this term to find my blog:  “labware ecr problems”

Here’s an acronym I don’t happen to know. Today, I’m asking if anyone knows what “ecr” is. On one hand, I know none of us can keep-up with the never-ending production of acronyms in our industry, these days, but my curiosity pushes me to make some attempt to keep up with them.  Thus, I’d appreciate it if anyone knows the answer to this that they post it as a comment to this post so I and other readers can find out what it is.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

One Thought to “ECR?”

  1. Jesal

    ECR – Emergency Change Request 🙂

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