Earlier this week, I began a series of blog posts focused on the software selection process. Tuesday, I provided you with articles that would get those of you started who plan to do it themselves (https://outonalims.com/2011/09/06/laboratory-informatics-software-selections-day-1/). Wednesday, I discussed some of what HAS changed in our industry (https://outonalims.com/2011/09/07/laboratory-informatics-software-selections-day-2/). Yesterday, I mentioned some of the terms used in our industry and why they aren’t that useful (https://outonalims.com/2011/09/08/laboratory-informatics-software-selections-day-3/). Today’s post talks about the places people get stuck when they do this, themselves, and mentions a new services offering from GeoMetrick Enterprises.

Do It Yourself – Or Not?
The problem with deciding whether or not to do this task on your own is that some of you are overwhelmed with how to begin. Even with the articles and other information I’ve given you, you can see it can be a complicated task. You might be wondering what to do if you get stuck. And, it’s true that there are places where customers do sometimes get stuck. Here are a few of the spots:

  1. Customer does not know whether their requirements look reasonable.
  2. Customer does not know how to create an appropriate list of software products to consider and to make it a reasonable size.
  3. Customer is overwhelmed trying to make an assessment of the RFP/RFQ (Request For Proposal/Request for Quotation) responses to make a decision.

Services to Help
Some of you will get stuck and it will stall your entire selection process for a long time, possibly forever. However, because you have the ability to do so much of the work yourself or possibly just don’t have the money to have someone else do this for you, I propose this new service, which isn’t really new, I’ve done it for other customers, but am listing it as its own service:

Product Selection One-Day of Help:
If you are stuck, a relatively cheap way to get help is to buy one day of it. Some services companies will not sell you a day of consulting time on a regular basis because it interferes with their overall schedule – it just breaks-up their services too much when they don’t sell by the week. But for many companies, a one-day block of work might fall under the most lenient purchase order amount (fewer signatures, faster to get approval, etc…).

My Offer to You
Here, I am offering to sell you a day of help with some restrictions:

  1. You must be within a four-hour drive of my office. If you are not within that diameter, I still might consider you but would charge a surcharge to cover the additional travel costs.
  2. You will deliver all documents you have created to the point of being stuck to me in an electronic format (i.e., don’t print and mail them).
  3. I will do the entire document review and consideration portion of the issue off-site.
  4. You will be available to answer questions within some reasonable amount of time that would allow you to meet your deadlines.
  5. We will agree to a delivery date and I will drive to meet with you and your team to deliver and discuss the outcome in more detail. This will not be an all-day event, as most of the day you are paying for will have been taken up at this point and also so that you do not need to use a lot of multiple people’s time on a meeting longer than necessary.

This “day” is a single-fee, all-inclusive day (I mean that it includes the travel costs). I put “day” into quotes because I want to point-out it’s a charge-day not a calendar day, since some of the work is done off-site on days previous to the visit.

To Find Out More
To get the price and verify that you meet the given criteria (or to get a different quote based on a further distance), call or e-mail me at:

+1.781.365.0180 (phone)   Gloria@GeoMetrick.com (e-mail)

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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