Free Integration Webinar Link (Especially for Contract Labs)

For those of you who missed yesterday’s free webinar on integrating your software for knowledge management and data sharing, you also missed a chance to hear me speak and to ask questions. However, you can still hear me speak by listening to the webinar.

It’s short – just half an hour long and talks about the issues of fitting all the pieces together, considering there are usually many pieces of software that need to be part of these efforts. It touches on the activity of purchasing laboratory informatics software (which can be applied to any software), since this often becomes part of the effort. Also, this talk does cover a few issues that are special to contract labs. This is done in a
small-enough amount of time that any lab considering integration wouldn’t find it makes the talk takes too much time on contract lab issues to listen to it, but is specially worthwhile for contract labs to listen.

The Information To Watch This Webinar
Download link for the webinar:

You need this gotomeeting link on any PC that wants to view this webinar:

If you know of any contract labs out there, please pass this along to them.

Gloria Metrick
GeoMetrick Enterprises

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  1. Was able to listen to your webinar today. Your comments about software selection apply to a wide range of industries. Also good comment on the regulation and that all people in a regulated industry have to be concerned about the regulations.

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